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Pie #59- Pear (again!) February 10, 2013

Yes, I have proclaimed that I would make 52 new pies this year, but this pie from the 2010 Pie Project is definitely worth mentioning again in the 2013 edition.

Pie #6- Pear was by far the “people’s favorite” pie of the 2010. Served in a cornmeal crust with a small piece of Gorgonzola cheese, this pie will knock your socks off.

Martha Stewart recipes always tend to be a bit over the top for me, but this one is pretty bones-bare-basic. Although it does require a bit of pre-planning with soaking the pears overnight in a wine reduced liquid, it is not very difficult to make, so even you can wear Martha’s apron this time.

Pear Pie and Cornmeal Crust recipes

I have probably have made this same pie over a dozen times now and it never disappoints. My boys even know and revere the special status of the pear pie. It usually comes out noteworthy occasions. Last night was one of them. I made this one for the boys’ school fundraiser. It was the only pie among the many desserts in the sweet shop auction. Hopefully,  who ever bought it enjoyed it as much as we do!

Pretty pears

Pretty pears

Peeling off the skins

Peeling off the skins

Pie dough ready to go!

Pie dough ready to go!

Wine soaked cut-up pears in the pastry shell

Wine soaked cut-up pears in the pastry shell

Pie #59- Pear (again)

Pie #59- Pear (again)

Personal Notes:

  • Yes, this is my favorite pie to make. Its ease of assembly and it’s delectable flavors, keep this as my personal front-runner.
  • I love the wonderful flavors you get in every bite of this pie. The firm, wine-soaked pears have a hint of clove and cinnamon. The sweet cornmeal crust is coarse and crumbly. Add a little bite of  Gorganzola cheese and a nice Sauternes glass of wine and you have got yourself a little slice of heaven on a plate!

2 Responses to “Pie #59- Pear (again!)”

  1. Rarely does one of these beauties escape my clutches. At least this one went to a good cause. Nice work, Paula!

  2. Karen Robison Says:

    I made your Whisky chocolate pie for a book club I hosted. It was a hit. Thanks for all your wonderful posts full of flavorful descriptions and colorful photos. I think I’ll make the pear pie next! Thanks, Karen

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