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Pie #02- Grandma Friendship’s Raisin Pie January 9, 2010

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January 8, 2010

Pie number two.  Oh, so many pies, which one to make…..pecan, banana cream, pumpkin, strawberry, apple, peach, double chocolate, chocolate silk…..the list goes on and on.

After sharing my project idea with friends, I have begun to receive cookbooks and pie recipes of all kinds.  Never knew there were so many choices.  So the idea of  Pie #2 came when I decided to find a special pie that I could make to dedicate to my small group of enthusiastic supporters.  Thus, I googled “friendship pie” on the internet.  It seemed perfectly logical that somewhere someone had to have coined the name….well, Grandma Friendship’s Raisin Pie came up.  Close enough!  Plus, it has raisins in it and I have never heard of or eaten a pie made out of raisins!

So here is to you- Karen & Ali, Danielle, Theresa, Kim & Sharon!  Thanks for all the encouragement and support. Enjoy!

Please help me rate this pie on a scale of 1-10. (10 being the best thing you’ve ever placed in your mouth and 1 being the worst.) And feel free to add any other comments.

Here is the link to the recipe.

Personal Notes:

  • I once again used Jan Mom’s pie pastry recipe found with Pie #1.  I doubled it because this pie required a top pastry.
  • I substituted in 3/4 cup of BROWN sugar, for white.
  • I did not have a small heart cutout, but my neighbor Val had a small snowflake cutout which I used instead. Thanks Val!  Thanks also for the fresh egg which I used as part of the egg mixture that was brushed on top of the pie crust before being baked.
  • Because I am no Martha Stewart, I was a little intimidated by the cut outs since I had never tried them before.  In the end, I found it to be rather easy afterall. I made the cutouts with the cutter and left them in the pastry. Only after I had flipped over the top pie crust and had it into place, did I pick out the cutouts.  I was a little bit off on centering the design in the middle of the pie, but for my first try, I was quite pleased.


The finished product- Pie#2

My enthusiastic helper

January 9, 2010

My personal rating of Pie#2:

I mentioned I wasn’t a fan of coconut, so now going back to rate Pie #1, the coconut cream, it was a 5.

This one though……uhg! Maybe a 2.

Perhaps it was because I swallowed a piece as my breakfast this morning?! The texture was interesting due to the swollen raisins, but the taste did not sing in my mouth. The cinnamon, raisin and sugar filling did nothing for me except make me want to gag.  I could barely choke it down. Travis laughed as he saw the expression on my face. Maybe, if I had been placed  in the bowels of Wentworth Prison and there was nothing else in the way of food, could I eat the entire piece. Three hours later, my fork and pie still lay on the counter with just a bite out of it.

Perhaps those of you who I shared it with will think it differently.  So much for me thinking I was treating my friends with  a culinary delight. Rat poison came to mind instead. No offense, Grandma Friendship, I am sure you have other recipes I could love.