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Pie #06- Pear Pie in a Cornmeal Crust February 9, 2010

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As promised with the new month, I have diverted from the usual Jan Mom’s pie pastry and have taken on a new pie crust recipe with this pear pie. I admit the thought of making the new crust has completely intimidated me all week and because of that I have procrastinated making the pie and submitting my post.  My other excuses include trying to finish another 750 page Outlander series novel and working on one of my son’s class art projects going up for auction at the beginning of March, which besides pie making these days is what I do in my spare time.

This recipe, which was given to me by my neighbor Val, takes two days to make.  Who else but Martha Stewart can make things look complicated and intimidating?!  I found this in her Martha Stewart Living Cookbook ©2000 and hope you can read this scanned copy well enough because, let me tell you, this pie was amazing!

And here are the photos of the process.

DAY ONE- soaking the pears in the wine sauce

DAY TWO- making the crust and adding the filling

Personal Notes:

  • I used nine anjou pears instead of the required ten due to one of my sons not realizing the pears in the basket were ripening specifically for the pie, not for snacking on and eating.  Still, nine filled the pie nicely.
  • I used a cheap bottle of red wine (cabernet sauvignon the $4.00 kind) and it still added amazing flavor to the pears.
  • As for making the crust, it actually went very well!  The first time rolling out the dough, I floured the counter and rolled out the chilled disc as directed in the recipe.  I had trouble lifting the dough off of the counter once rolled out and literally needed to pry it off with one of my kitchen utensils. Using extreme care to not break or rip it, I was able to fold the rolled dough in half, lift and gently place it on the pie plate.  For the top layer of dough, I decided to scrap Martha’s floured-counter technique and use my Mom’s.  I wet the counter, covered the area with a sheet of wax paper, then placed my chilled dough disc on top of the wax paper and rolled from there.  This time, I had no problems lifting the dough from the counter.
  • I have to say the crust on this pie was incredible! Honestly, I am not sure Jan Mom’s pie pastry would have done this pie justice had I substituted it.  The crust had a slightly sweet taste due to the sugar and cornmeal and it was light and flakey due to the butter.
  • And I thought the Chocolate Nut with Dried Fruit Pie (Pie #3) was amazingly delicious.  Truly, I never expected a fruit pie trumping a chocolate in my book, but this one was seriously a 10!  I will make it again. No doubt.
  • Also, make sure you try this pie with a slice of gorgonzola cheese like Martha recommends.  It really does complement the flavors beautifully and makes you dream about eating another piece.