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Pie #08- Maple Pecan Pie February 23, 2010

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Look what Travis and the boys got me for Valentine’s Day!

So this week it is Maple Pecan Pie for my Sweetie-pie!  It’s my post Valentine’s Day pie.  Pecan pie has always been a personal favorite of  Travis and I can’t think of a better way to show him how much I love him than to tempt him with some lovin’ from the oven!

I pulled this recipe from my brand new Pie cookbook by Ken Haedrich.  (In the photo it’s the one on my right with the empty pastry shell)  And after reading parts of the book, let me tell you- Mr. Haedrich is the true “Pie King”.  Brothers Dan and Mark, you can quit your trash talk about who is the better pie maker.  This guy wears the crown in my book.  I never read or seen a more comprehensive resource on pie baking.  Truly, he should retitle his book to be called the Pie Encyclopedia.  There are 300 recipes for pies in this book and the majority of them are sweet pies.  He barely scratches the surface for the savory ones.  And the pie crusts- 21 different crust recipes!  Ge’ez, I could bake a new pie almost every day from this book alone. Could, but won’t.  Once a week is enough for me mainly due to the blogging bogging me down.

Anyway, so here is the Maple Pecan Pie recipe and the Flaky Pie Pastry recipe that is recommended to go with it.


Personal Notes:

  • I really like mixing my crusts by hand.  But if  I had a bigger food processor, I would probably enjoy that way too.  No doubt it is a faster process.
  • I pricked the bottom of this crust before baking like I do with all of my partially baked pie crusts.  This time, I regretted doing so.  When my pie was baked, cooled and ready to serve, my crust stuck to the bottom of the pie plate!  I have never had that happen and needed some serious tools to pry each piece out of the pie plate! The syrupy filling must have seeped through the partially baked crust holes and found its way underneath to the bottom of the crust during the baking.  Then the sticky mess dried to the crust like glue.  
  • Did you notice how much filling was left (see photo)?!  I followed the directions exactly and had at least a cup full of filling that would not fit into my pie pastry. Not to be wasteful, I pulled out my cupcake pan and  paper liners and baked the crustless mini pecan tarts for 25 minutes.   These gooey tarts stuck also to the bottom of the liners and were a bit of a challenge to get out.
  • Another “feature” of this pie recipe was that it was very gooey in consistency.  My experience with pecan pies up until now has been the filling turns into some what of a solidified structure after the baking process, so that when the pie is cool and cut , pieces can stand-alone (i.e. don’t fall apart).  This was not the case with my pie this time.  It was pie soup. 
  • It was a very yummy pecan pie soup, I will add.  I think my Valentine really enjoyed it!  The maple syrup and the touch of almond extract were very noticable and added to the overall aroma and flavoring of the pie.  So I have to rate this pie high on the taste end but low on the presentation end. 
  • And I definitely call for a pie mulligan or pie re-do on this one.