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52 different pies in 52 weeks

Pie #09- White Russian Pie March 1, 2010

Now who doesn’t like a White Russian after dinner drink?

The interesting thing about this White Russian Pie recipe, also found in my new Pie book by Ken Haedrich, is that it calls for bourbon.  This confused my former-bartender husband who makes his white russians with vodka and Kahlúa.  We even looked it up in his New International Bartender’s Guide.  Granted it was published in 1984, but its white russian drink recipe offered no variation on the vodka. So where the bourbon came from, who knows?  Needless to say, Travis helped me crack open his fancy bottle of Bulleit Bourbon, a beloved gift from our friend, David.  I took a swig (cough, gag, cough, eeew!) and proceeded forward with my pie making using the “brown stuff”.

I forgot to take photos of me whipping the cream, Kahlúa, vanilla and confectioners’ sugar, in my stand mixer,  so try to imagine it.  Then I had to combine the whipped mixture together with the custard mixture. Hence what you see below.

Personal Notes:

  • Continuing on with my theme of new and different pie crust recipes for the month of February, I actually feel as though I cheated a little on this one.  Granted this graham cracker crust is homemade, but it required no rolling or fluting of the edges. And in my opinion, rolling out and forming the dough is the hardest part of pie making.  This crust was so easy!  All  I did was press down the crumbs into the form of the pie shell.
  • And the other thing I admit is that I altered the crust a bit.  I was originally making the Graham Cracker Crust version for a different pie, when I switched pies at the last-minute.  The White Russian Pie recipe required the “Nutty” Graham Cracker Crust, but I had already made the nut-less version.  So to be true to the recipe, I did manage to sneak in 3/4 of a cup of chopped pecans.  They just weren’t mixed into the crust.  Instead, the nuts became a layer that was placed on top of my graham cracker crust.
  • Making the custard and the whipped cream mixtures were very easy.  This pie probably took me less than an hour to make from start to finish.  Although, that did not include clean up time.  Did you see the dishes it left in my sink?!!
  • I garnished this pie with pecans since there were no chocolate covered coffee beans in my cupboard.
  • The flavor of the pie was delightful, the texture was creamy and smooth and the crust was lightly crunchy and sweet.  Yum!  I rate it a solid 9.
  • This pie was (as quoted directly from the recipe book) “the perfect ending- served with strong coffee- to an informal dinner party”.