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Pie #10- Seafood Pot Pie March 10, 2010

Hello again!  It is savory pie time.

Oh yes, I have had my eye on this recipe since I started the project in January.  I found it one night while I was reading through several cookbooks in bed and knew that I must tag this one for later.  It would be perfect to make during a Friday in Lent.  With the no-meat-on-Friday-rule, this seemed like the perfect thing to maintain that good Catholic girl status with the Big Man.

The recipe is from a book called Cold-Weather Cooking by Sarah Leah Chase.  The cookbook was lent (there’s that word again) to me by my dear friend, Sharon, who has really been a huge catalyst for the pie project.  Yes, she was the one who passed on the Julie and Julia book as well as a couple of Julia Child’s cookbooks which still adorn my shelves and unfortunately don’t get as much counter time as my pie cookbooks.  We talk food and recipes every time we are together.

I had very low expectations that my boys would actually eat this pie.  They usually go for the sweet, not the savory.  Then again, if I cooked with just them in mind, we would be eating spaghettios out of a jar and no brand mac-n-cheese on a daily basis.  Perhaps the younglings could be bribed by all the shrimp and scallops.  They seem to appreciate crustaceans on occasion. 

Who knows what a turnip looks like?  Obviously, not me.  All those darn root vegetables look the same!  What I boiled instead were beets.  And it wasn’t until I was ready to chop them up and add them to the filling that my friend, Theresa stopped by and helped me realize my error.  Thanks to her my seafood pot pie did not end up bright pink in color!

My whole house smelled wonderful with the tarragon wine mixture on the stove top.

I forgot to take a photo of all the seafood- shrimp, scallops and instead of cod, I used tilapia.  Try to imagine it.


A  new “first” for me this time was using the food processor to make my crust.  I have always done my crusts by hand.  Because of the cream cheese and butter, I thought mixing might be a little difficult without power tools.  I think I may be a convert.  The food processor was a dream!  It was SO easy and fast.

 PS-I am working my kinks out with the pastry cloth and rolling-pin cover.  (Thanks again, Karen!)  The dough rolled easier this time.

 Oh, another reason why this recipe looked so good to me was because I noticed the cornmeal ingredient in the crust.  Remember pie #6- the Pear Pie in the cornmeal crust ?  I sure do.  Still salivating over that one.

Personal Notes:

  • It looked good and it even smelled good, but the taste was……. not so good.  Maybe it was the swiss cheese or the turnips that sent my taste buds retreating.  I was SO bummed.  It wasn’t on the scale of nasty like the Raisin Pie, but it did not rate much higher.  I give it a 4.
  • The boys hated it.  Travis hated it.  Nobody in my house would eat it, so I actually threw away half of the pie.  ( I hope that is the first and last time I do that.)   And to think of all those expensive seafood ingredients that ended up in the garbage disposal.  Sinful.
  • I did consider excluding this recipe from the blog since it was such a bomb, but then again, there was ONE person who LOVED the pie and licked the pie plate clean.  Leave it to Gaynam, the IrishBrit, to like a pie with turnips and mana from the sea!