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Pie #11- Black Bottom Pie March 15, 2010

The last chocolate pie I did was way back in week three, so I best thought I add another one to the list.

This recipe came from American Pie by Teresa Kennedy.  If you remember back from the Pie #8 post,  my boys picked out this book and gave it to me on Valentine’s Day this year.  This is my first time using it. 

Previously, I had heard of black bottom pies, but had no idea what goes in them.  Figuring the black bottom part wasn’t literal, I thought that this pie’s name probably had more to do with the size, rather than the color, of one’s bottom after consuming its sinful ingredients.  Truly,  it was simply curiosity that led me to pick out this one.  Plus, I was taking it to serve to a bunch of lady friends where we could mull over its silly name.  And who doesn’t just love the taste of chocolate, other than Ann?

“Admittedly complicated, but one of the greats” came straight from the author’s commentary.  Nice encouraging words!


I used the Flaky Crust Recipe from my earlier Maple Pecan Pie.  Reference Pie # 8.


  Now on to making the filling…..









 Personal Notes:

  • I beg to differ with the author, I really did not think it was too complicated.  It was just a bit time-consuming.
  • I was really excited to make this pie since I knew I was sharing it with my good girlfriends.  Chocolate before 10:00 am.  It was a good day.
  • I always wondered what unflavored gelatin was for, now I have my answer….
  • I have to admit, it sure was a pretty pie!
  • Yum!  The bittersweet chocolate bottom and the hint of rum in the creamy custard did it for me.  This one was a winner at 8.5.