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Pie #12- Chocolate Mousse Chiffon Pie March 20, 2010

mousse (moose) n., 1. a sweetened dessert, usually made with whipped cream and gelatin or beaten egg whites.

chiffon (shi′fon) n., 4. (of pies, cakes, etc.) having a light , fluffy texture, as from the addition of beaten egg whites.

The recipe is from good ol’ Ken Haedrick (aka The Pie King) again, the author Pie. 

I love chocolate mousse.  My friend Theresa makes it home-made for me on occasion and I just can’t get enough of it.  Thus, this Chocolate Mousse Chiffon Pie seemed right up my alley.  Chocolate mousse in a pie shell. Yum! 

Just in case you were wondering this pie blog has really messed up dessert options for my husband and kids.  These days the only thing they get besides pie is boxed brownies.  Home-made cookies and cakes have been put on the back-burner this year, in lieu of  my selfish new year’s resolution to make pies.  I just keep telling the boys to wait until the fruit pies come in season, then they’ll be begging me for more!


I referenced Ken’s nutty graham cracker crumb crust in my Pie #9  post, but I omitted the nuts and this time I used chocolate graham crackers for fun.

Here are the photos for making the mousse chiffon filling.

 The boys are excited about helping out.  They all volunteered to take a turn whisking the whipping cream into the fudge sauce.




 Personal Notes:

  • A big thank you to Jenn and Christopher for the fabulous dinner we had with them at their home last Saturday evening.  When I asked Jenn what I could bring, her answer was, “Of course, bring pie”!  Thus, the chocolate mousse chiffon pie was created.  We managed to put a huge dent in the pie plate after stuffing ourselves and giving away a couple of pieces to our cab driver.  There was little left to share by the time the boys got a hold of our leftovers. 
  • Next time I make this pie, I may try using a pastry shell instead of a cracker crumb crust.  I get a little annoyed when my crumb crusts fall apart while cutting and serving and this one did pretty easily.
  • Making this pie was a little time-consuming.  It took me a couple of hours from start to finish with some down time interspersed while I waited for the fudge sauce to congeal.  Once completed, it still needed at least 4-6 hours in the refrigerator to completely “set”.  So, if you plan on making this pie, give yourself plenty of time.
  • While ranking high on the work-o-meter, as far as taste, this pie ranked quite high on the taste-o-meter.  In my opinon, it ranks up there with the Pie #6, the Pear Pie.  Yes, both were a little more involved than most of the pies I have created, but both have ended up with the same result.  A perfect 10.