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Pie #17- Chocolate Chip Cookie May 6, 2010

I am alive.  Yes, I took a mini hiatus from blogging, but not from pie-making. 

Actually, I have been a pie making machine!  My Mom was here visiting from Ohio this past week, and we pumped out a few pies together.  I made this chocolate chip cookie pie the week before she and Dad came, so bare with me as I do some blog catch-up.

I made this pie one Friday evening because the boys were asking for chocolate chip cookies and until that moment I had not figured out what kind of pie to make for the week.  Cookie in a pie crust, I thought.  There has to be a recipe for that somewhere.  I did not have to look very far.  I consulted my pie bible and found out in short order that good, ‘ol Ken Haedrick did it again.  Here is his version of the famous Toll House cookie pie. 


You can find the recipe for the basic flaky pie pastry on my blog post for Pie #8- Maple Pecan Pie.

Personal Notes:

  • This pie was quick and easy to make.  It was assembled and baking in under 30 minutes.  The down side is that the baking takes a full hour, as well as another full hour to cool.
  • I did not have some of the exact ingredients for the recipe since I was shooting from the hip.  I substituted wheat flour for the required cake flour, skim milk for the required whole milk or light cream and opted only to add nuts to the top half of the pie instead of mixing them in.  None of these substitutions appeared to have an effect on the overall taste.
  • I really liked the consistency of this pie.  Once it cooled, the filling took on characteristics of a typical pecan pie.
  •  Definitely eat this with a scoop of ice cream with it.  Yum!  It rates a 9.5 for me.