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Pie #19- Banana Split May 10, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I love you!. Thanks for teaching me the art of pie making and being my inspiration for the project. 

During their visit last week , my parents each selected a pie for the Pie Project. Banana Split Pie was Dad’s pick. 

It is yet another recipe from Pie, by Ken Haedrich.  I am trying not to get a little “Julie and Julia” here on you, folks. (Julia Powell cooked some 500 plus recipes from the book Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child, all in one year.)  I certainly do not intend to make all of the Pie King’s 300 home-made pie recipes.  It would take me almost six years at this pace.  No, Pie is just my go-to book.  It is just easier sometimes than doing an internet search.   I handed the book over to Dad and said, “Here, pick one.”

This is my first attempt at an ice box pie and certainly not the last.  You don’t have to read the reviews to know that it was a BIG WINNER in our household.  There was great celebration from the boys when they found out Grandpa’s pie choice had ice cream, bananas and mini m&m’s in it!  It’s a sugar lover’s dream come true!

Dad has always been a big fan of ice cream.  I recall when I was a kid he used to ask us children to put his ice cream bowl in the microwave for “just seven seconds” so it would melt to his favorite creamy consistency.  Don’t know if you witnessed this Dad, but I put the whole carton of vanilla bean ice cream in the microwave for old-time sake before adding it to the pie shell!  I love you too.  Thanks for making the trip out to Idaho.

Here’s the recipe.

And the photos…. with simplified instructions.

Step one- make the crust and cool

Step 2- Pour caramel sauce into bottom of pie crust, then freeze 

 Step 3- Add all the toppings 

Step 4- Eat

Now I wish I had photos of that!

Personal Notes:

  • Mom made the pie crust while I was out running kids around.  She used the nutty graham cracker crust recipe referenced on my Pie #9- White Russian Pie post.
  • We used real whipping cream that had been whipped a day previous.  It had lost some of its “fluff” overnight, but not enough to keep us from using it.  Caramel was used instead of  butterscotch because it is my personal preference.
  • Adding the filling to the pie shell (ice cream, whipping cream, bananas, pecans, m&m’s and chocolate and caramel sauces) took less than three minutes.  This pie was SUPER easy to make.  I even think it surpasses Pie #13- Peanut Butter Brownie Pie in that category.
  • Another bonus, the bananas on the pie did not go brown overnight.  I put the pie back in freezer (what was left of it) and the next day the sliced bananas were still the perfect color and just slightly frozen.
  • According to Henry this was “the best pie in the whole world!”  He definitely had seconds that night and asked for more the following evening.  He doesn’t eat many pies in our house, so this was a very big compliment.
  • My rating for this pie is an 8.5.  Can a pie be too sweet?  I thought so.  The crust and the filling were so loaded with sugar that my boys were on fuego that night!  Perhaps it would have done us all good to have used  Mom’s pie pastry instead….