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Pie #22- Strawberry Chiffon June 8, 2010

My brother Dan, his wife Gina, and their adorable three boys were in town over Memorial Day weekend.  Did we have fun… seven little boys under the age of 10 and four adults in one 2,500 square foot house surrounded by lots of rainy weather….it was a quite a party! 

Dan has been very excited about the pie project and ever since he purchased plane tickets, he has been plotting the pies we were going to make together.  The Strawberry Chiffon pie was his welcome-to-Boise-pie.  I made this the day before he and the family arrived mainly to start clearing out my refrigerator for the onslaught of incoming food. 

I had a half-eaten, Costco size container of not-so fresh strawberries that had been purchased 10 days prior.  Most of  the berries were shriveled and pathetic looking and a few of them I had to throw away because they were starting to rot.  But, this pie recipe was perfect for my old strawberries because they are mashed up for the filling.  In fact, it would be a waste using perfectly ripe ones in this pie.  If you wait until they start going bad like I did, your tasters will be none the wiser.  Not that you aren’t worth it, Dan, I just don’t like to waste food.

The recipe came from my Better Homes and Gardens, New Cook Book ©1989. 

To reference the graham cracker crust recipe I used, go to Pie #9, White Russian Pie.  I left out the nuts.

Now for the filling…

Personal Notes:

  • I was very surprised how much I ended up liking this pie.  It was the best gelatin concoction I have ever made.  I liked the flavor and texture and the graham cracker crust is always a favorite in my book.  I rate it an 8.


Brother Dan gets to participate in the pie project.  For this one, he enjoys the fruits of my labor.