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Pie #25- Key Lime June 17, 2010

This pie goes out to my dear sister-in-law, Gina, who graciously broke from her diet (she’s lost 30 pounds) to eat all four of my pies during our Memorial Day pie-a-palooza! 

Gina rang in her 36th birthday on May 30th and instead of being offered her choice of cake, she was forced to choose birthday pie.  Her choice was Key Lime. 

Thanks for visiting Gina, Dan, Peter, Michael and Charlie!  Can’t wait until we see you again soon.

 Ken Haedrich, author of Pie, supplied us with the recipe.

Now for the filling…

Good thing for whipped topping!

Personal Notes:

  • When you make your graham cracker crust, make it in a SMALL pie plate or purchase a pre-made one from the grocery store.  I did not read the fine print on the recipe and thus happened to use the biggest pie plate in my collection for the crust.  Not good because when I poured the key lime filling in, it barely came half way up the crust.  I did not realize my mistake until too late.  I was out of key lime juice and limes so I couldn’t make another batch without a trip to the grocery store.
  • We made the pie crust and filling on a Sunday evening, but did not get around to adding on the whipped topping until Monday morning.  We sang, “Happy birthday to Gina”, then promptly ate it for breakfast.  Thankfully, the whipped topping filled the rest of the pie plate, so that it looked more proportional.
  • Talk about a wake up call!  The pie was zesty and tangy and oh, so good.  The sweet, crunchy bite of graham cracker crust off-set the tart, creamy lime filling perfectly.  YUM!  I rate it a 9.