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Pie #26- Grasshopper Icebox June 25, 2010

I must have been unconsciously anxious for summer to arrive here in Boise, seeing that I have done back-to-back “green” pies.   Last time, Key Lime.  This time, Grasshopper Ice Cream.  

This pie goes out to the newly baptized, Charles Joseph McDavitt Steele.  Last Saturday, Travis and I were honored to be chosen as Godparents of this sweet boy.  With an event to celebrate, of course, I jumped at the chance to bring dessert. 

I chose this pie because my last ice cream pie was such a HUGE hit with my boys.  You may remember Pie # 19- Banana Split.   It by far was the easiest pie to make and the “BEST” according to Henry.  So, when I saw this ice cream pie in Ken Haedrich’s, Pie book, I thought I would give it a try. 

Another important note to make is this is the half way point of the pie project, folks. Twenty-six down, twenty-six more to go!

Here is the crust recipe.

Now ingredients for the filling.

Personal Notes

  • The quick and easy part of this pie was only in my imagination.  This ice box pie required more time than the last and it definitely dirtied more dishes.  I am not saying it took all day, but it wasn’t the fifteen minute project I was looking for.
  • I added some green food coloring to the mixture to brighten up the color.  I only had dark crème de menthe on hand, thus the original mixture color was a little dull.
  • The directions say to beat the cream and confectioners sugar until creamy, not grainy.  I blew it on that part.  Mine was definitely grainy.  If you look closely you can see what I mean.  It thus created a funny texture to the pie topping that was noticable when you bit into a piece.
  • Unfortunately, the boys did not care for the pie at all.  The marshmallow crème de menthe and crème de cacoa topping did not sit well with their taste buds.  Actually, they ended up scraping off the green layer and just eating the vanilla ice cream and graham cracker layers.
  • My personal take on the pie was a 7.5.