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Pie #30- Sour Cherry Pie August 20, 2010

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The family and the pie project head to the greater Washington DC area to visit my beloved sister, Denise and her wonderful family.              

Denise was excited to get her turn baking a pie for the blog and therefore very prepared for me.  Since nothing says summer quite like a lattice top sour cherry pie.  It was quickly decided we would take on another one of Ken Haedrich’s recipes.  His instructions on how to build the perfect lattice top are definitely worth sharing.  The pie isn’t bad either.              

Denise called up Larriland, her local fruit farm, and placed her order for the six cups of sour cherries we needed for the pie.   Sour cherries are not in season very long, and if you happen to miss them, well then, bye-bye.  You are stuck waiting another whole year.  Sorry folks, Bing or sweet cherries won’t do for this pie.  It’s gotta be sour.  Luckily, the time was right when we made our quick stop in Maryland on our way down toward Norfolk, Virginia. Sour cherries were at the peak of their ripeness.              

Now, for more family backstory…..             

When we were kids, we did a lot of monotonous food harvesting chores like many families of rural communities.  As previously mentioned, blackberry picking was high up there on my least favorite list.  Well, so was pitting sour cherries. Picking wasn’t so bad because as a kid, it was kind of exciting to climb up high on a ladder at the fruit farm to harvest those luscious, tart treats from the tree with a bucket hanging off the side of your arm.  But the pitting I really disliked because of the sticky mess that was all over your lap and arms by the end of the chore.  Still not sure what is worse- dressing up in long pants and a long-sleeved shirt on a hot, humid Ohio day with swarms of  horseflies around your head in a patch of  thorny bushes picking blackberries OR sitting outside on the back porch in the same hot, humid Ohio weather in front of a bowl of sour cherries, covered in drippy, sticky juice while plucking out the pit with a paperclip tool.  Good times!             

Obviously, I survived.  No picking involved this time and the pitting was merely limited to six cups of cherries versus six bushels.  I even lived to share that lovely right of passage with my husband, brother-in-law and son.  But this time we pitted cherries with our paperclip tool in the comfort of air conditioning.  Thank God for that because Columbia, Maryland isn’t any less humid that Chardon, Ohio!             














Personal Notes              

  • I’ll just say one thing, this pie was pretty darn incredible!  Too bad you will have to wait another whole year to try this one.  Sour cherry season is over.