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Pie #33- Double Chocolate August 28, 2010

I always love an excuse to make something that involves chocolate.  Last night’s pie was no exception.

Bob Hunter is a true choco-holic.  He LOVES anything that involves our happy little friend, the cocoa bean. 

Travis and I have known Bob and his lovely wife, Kathryn, for almost as long as we have lived in Boise.  It will be 13 years in December.  You know you have a true friendship when you meet and hang out together in your spontaneous and carefree days of life before children, then these people stick with you through the births of your four children and all of your high drama- and in the end, they still want to hang out with you in the midst of all your crazy chaos.  This is the story of our friendship with Bob and Kathryn.   Maybe that is why we drink lots of wine together?!  (Actually, they have some chaos of their own, Peter and Maggie, but on a scale of 1 to 10, theirs is probably rated a 3 compared to our 10+.)

Hunter family, we love you and were thrilled you could join us for dinner last night.  Thanks for giving me the reason to make this pie.

Here’s the link to the recipe:


 Personal Notes:

  • This pie can be made in about an hour, but give yourself plenty of time to let it cool.  The recipe calls for a minimum of 4 hours and that was about right.
  • I used my Mom’s pie pastry crust recipe.   It was definitely a good choice that complimented the chocolate filling.
  • This in not your ordinary chocolate pudding pie with Cool Whip.  Watch out, Chad.  Make this one and you will NEVER turn back!
  • This double chocolate pie was pretty amazing! The taste was surprisingly complex and the fresh whipping cream put it over the edge. Ten is my vote.