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Pie #35- Tomato September 2, 2010

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A special note, today is my Dad’s 70th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I love you SO much.  Hope you are enjoying the blog, but wish you were here eating the pie.

Now for the backstory….

Henry’s good friend Marilyn was at our house yesterday evening after school.  The two of them have been great friends since 2005 when their older brother’s (Nate and Patrick) started kindergarten together.  Now in second grade themselves, they have shared together many hours of school, play time and sleepovers.  If I had a girl of my own, I would want her to be just like Marilyn.  She is smart, tough and athletic.  My kind of girl.  She would just need a dye job to pass as my daughter.

Yesterday, after she and Henry finished completing their homework, Marilyn expressed interest in doing “a project”.  Little did she know, I really did have a project for her… 

I had fresh tomatoes from the garden and luckily had all but one of the ingredients to pull off this recipe.  After a quick call to my neighbor, who provided the heavy cream (which was my half and half substitute) I was ready to go.  No special trip to the grocery store needed.  And the BIG BONUS was I had willing helpers….

This pie is also about redemption.  Poor Sarah Leah Chase.  The last and only time I made a pie recipe from her Cold-Weather Cooking cookbook, my husband took one bite of  it and promptly rated it a big, fat ZERO.  (You can read his comments.  He was brutal.)  Too bad, since I spent a mini-fortune on all the seafood ingredients.  Pie #10- Seafood Pot was such a bust, it left me thinking I couldn’t touch this cookbook again with a ten-foot pole.  Well, Sarah, I think you are out of the dog house.  This one really hits the mark.

Ready, Set, Let’s Bake!

Personal Notes:

  • This is my moment that I admit I have very little patience.  Yes, I have trouble doing a project and not freaking out about all the food mess that ends up on the floor, and the walls, and the ceiling…..  I seriously had to take deep breaths while making this pie with these two!  Jeez, were they messy!
  •  I added fresh, grated parmesan to the crust ingredients, as the recipe suggested.  WOW!  My house smelled INCREDIBLE the whole time this pie was baking.  I will definitely remember that secret ingredient the next time I make a fancy quiche.  Yum!
  • Thanks again Kym and Jeff for the heavy cream.  My cow was all dried up last night.  Without it I could not have carried on this time. 
  • And thank you to my supper club comrade and pie-tasting friend, Sharon,  for letting me borrow your cookbook this whole ENTIRE year.
  • My pie-o-meter rates this one a 9.5.  The crust and the garden fresh tomatoes did it for me.  Plus the fact it became my dinner was a big bonus.