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Pie #36- Blackberry Peach September 6, 2010

After posting this, I will officially be caught up with my pies and my blogging.  It is the 36th week of the year and I have only 16 more pies to make, which means there are 16 weeks left this year.  Now that is hard to believe!

I was looking back at some of my earlier posts and noticed that my favorite ones tend to be ones that involve someone making the pie with me.  This pie and post will fill that category as well.

Back in late January my two older boys met a set of brothers from South Korea that came to their school for a short period of time.  Sung Hyun was placed in Nate’s class and his younger brother, Sung Min was placed in Ollie’s class.  Sung Hyun spoke English very well and he and Nate quickly became friends.  After about a month and a half, the boys left to go to another school.  It was several months later, just as school was getting out for the summer, Sung Hyun called to talk to Nate.  At first I had a very difficult time understanding what he was saying and who he was asking for, but once I made the connection I finally figured it out.  The point of the call was that Sung Hyun wanted to see Nate again so I arranged a day for both brothers to come to our house one Saturday afternoon to play.  I was a little nervous since I had no idea what to expect and no idea who the boys’ parents were.  (At one point, I had heard they were staying with an uncle, but knew nothing more.)

The boys showed up at our house that day with their mother, Sunim Kim.   Our first time meeting was spent getting to know one other and asking each other a lot of questions while we watched our boys play together.  It turns out she is as a South Korean international student studying English at BSU for two years.  Her boys are with her while her husband and extended family remain abroad. 

Back at home, she is from the city of Incheon.  It is found along the cost of the Yellow Sea, just west of Soul.   There she works for the South Korean government as a civil servant.,23320,24813,25901,25933&sugexp=ldymls&q=incheon+south+korea&cp=9&hl=en&rlz=1R2ADBR_en&wrapid=tljp1283794090906116&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=Incheon,+South+Korea&gl=us&ei=3R-FTNiZG8TgnAeyj6TTAQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved=0CCYQ8gEwAA

 It was her government that sent her here to learn English in hopes that in the year 2014 when Incheon hosts the Asian Games, she can act as an interpreter.   Although Sunim claims she has a difficult time with her English, I tend to disagree.  I can understand her most of the time and when I can not, we work around the word or words in another way. 

This Saturday when Sunim and her boys came over for the second time, I decided to involve her in my pie project figuring this would be a unique American experience. Although “pie” is not a true novelty in Korean cuisine, Sunim had never made one before and was a willing and talented participant. 

My pie choice was made because I had a bunch of ripe peaches and some recently fresh (now frozen) hand-picked blackberries.  (No I did not do the picking.)  I had enough of both ingredients to pull off two pies.  One she could take home with her to share with her boys and her community of international students and the other I could take to our friends’  home later that day to share at their cookout/pool party.

Here are the recipes we followed from Ken’s Haedrich’s book, Pie.


Now for the work in progress photos.

Personal Notes:

  • Many thanks to you, Sunim for sharing the day with me and participating in my pie project.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Thank you also for the delicious Korean cuisine of kimchi and job che.  Travis and I loved eating them both and will trade a pie any day for your home-made cooking!
  • Thanks to neighbor Val who brought over the fresh peaches in trade for watching her daughter, Dalia.
  • Thanks also goes out to Theresa and her mother for providing the delicious hand-picked blackberries.  I was thrilled I did not have to go amongst the briar patch to pick them myself.
  • A final thank you to Necole and Bryan.  I always love a good excuse to make a pie.  You absolutely know how to throw a GREAT party- back dives, Rzr rides and all!
  • As for the pie rating, I am giving it an 8.5 out of a score of 10.  Next time I would cut back on the lemon juice and add more sugar since it seemed a little bit tart.