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52 different pies in 52 weeks

Pie #37- Strawberry Banana Yogurt September 12, 2010

Well instead of an ice cream pie, I went for a yogurt pie instead. 

These two recipes (crust & filling) came out of the book, American Pie  by Teresa Kennedy.  This was the cook book the boys got me for Valentine’s Day this past February.

I started making this pie by myself, but once the boys noticed the ingredients for a graham cracker crust, they all quickly showed culinary interest.  I thought it was cute they all wanted to help and fitting since, after all, this was a recipe from their book.


Personal Notes:

  • I usually follow a different graham cracker crust recipe, but because this one was in the book, I thought I would try it out.  I found it odd that it did not require me to bake the graham cracker crust, but instead chill it.  Next time I will definitely stick with baking.  Although it was delicious (who doesn’t love graham crackers, butter and sugar), it was very crumbly and completely fell apart when cut and served.
  • I was expecting the recipe for the strawberry banana yogurt pie to require me to freeze it after preparation.  It did not, but I think it would have been better frozen and firm.
  • The taste was light and the texture was light.  It was similar to eating whipping cream out of a bowl.  Had the crust been crunchy and the yogurt been frozen it would have scored much higher in my book.  But for now it rates as a 6.