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Pie # 48- Butterscotch Pecan December 2, 2010

 So catching up from last week’s pie…during Thanksgiving week. 

I was the self-proclaimed maker of pies during the big holiday of feasting.  My plan was to bake three pies for Thursday’s holiday- the apple cranberry (pie #46), a homemade pumpkin (not Libby’s from the can, but pumpkin harvested from a pie baking pumpkin) and this butterscotch pecan pie. 

Tuesday afternoon, I received a photo and text message from my friend Alyssa.  (I showed her how to make a pie crust when I made Pie #42- Apple Crumb Top.)  She was at home trying to make my Mom’s pie crust for her Thanksgiving pie and was getting very frustrated because something was going wrong.   Her crust was not forming into a ball.  This is the photo she sent me. 

On Wednesday morning I made my first pie crust “service call” and went to her house to help her figure out what went wrong.  It turns out she mis-read the amount needed for the flour (she put in too much) which is why the crust was crumbly. 

Here are some photos of making pie crusts at her house.


Now the butterscotch pecan recipe.  For this one, I once again consulted my go-to cookbook  Pie by Ken Haedrich. 


 Back at home now, here are the photos of making the butterscotch pecan filling.

Alyssa sent me this photo of her butterscotch pecan pie (below) later that day.  Looks good, nice job!

 Thanksgiving dessert at my brother and sister-in-laws.






Personal Notes:

  • You guessed it, I substituted my Mom’s pie crust in again for the basic flaky crust that Ken recommends.
  • Thanks so much to Edie for being the official photographer during my time making pies with your Mom and to Emme for being such a great little helper.
  • Everybody makes mistakes…my turn now.  I actually mis-read this recipe and added a WHOLE stick of butter instead of a half.  It was too late when I realized my screw up and I did not have enough butterscotch chips to start over, so I carried on and hoped for the best.  Fortunately, the mistake did not seem to affect the taste, it only doubled the amount of fat calories that ended up on my back-side from eating multiple pieces of this pie.
  • Up until this point, I have never been a huge fan of pecan pie.  But this one, I LOVED!  It was so SWEET and delicious…I tried, but I could not stop the fork from going back for more.
  • Another 10 shows up on my rating scale.