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Pie #50- Cookie Dough Ice Cream December 15, 2010

My second son Oliver turned 9 last Friday and as the birthday boy he was given the choice between birthday cake or pie…. you guessed it!  Gotta love that kid!

I have been saving this recipe for a while.  I found it this summer while paging through a Real Simple magazine.   Ollie immediately went for it when he saw the photo.  His only problem is that he doesn’t care for mint chocolate ice cream.  I can relate.  I don’t either.  No problem….I knew we would find another one he liked.

Here’s the recipe.


Personal Notes:

  • For the record, their pie looks WAY better than mine.
  • Obviously, I used cookie dough ice cream instead of mint chocolate chip.  It is the birthday boy’s favorite.  I suspect you will do the same when you make yours.
  • Three ingredients = my simplest pie.  This one goes together fast too!  It ranks up there with the Banana Split Pie as being on the VERY, VERY EASY side.
  • Simple, yet I screwed it up.  It would have helped if I would have thoroughly read the instructions.  My pie crust did not look like theirs because I did not press the mixture 1″ up the sides of the springform pan.  After realizing my mistake, I underlined it so you don’t make the same mistake.
  • I liked the rice crispy crust because it added a nice crunchy texture to the ice cream bite.  This pie rates a 10 for ease of assembly.  For taste, I give it an 8.


 Believe it or not, I do make other desserts in the kitchen!  It is Christmas cookie time!