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Pie #42- Crumb Top Apple October 10, 2010

I interrupt my newly scheduled pie, Pie #41- Buckeye Pie to interject this one… Crumb Top Apple…which happened earlier in the week.  (Sorry, Ohio State fans, you will have to wait one more week.)

Last Sunday night underneath the influence of a very stiff vodka tonic I came up with this great idea…or so I thought…

I was scheduled to lead Nate’s Webelo den meeting on Tuesday and I decided to take the pie project to the Cub Scouts.  Yes, each boy in Nate’s group was going to learn how to make a crumb top apple pie, home-made crust and all!  Betty Crocker would be SO proud!

I brought all the supplies with me…six bowls, six spoons, six forks, measuring cups, measuring spoons, pie plates, wax paper, rolling pins, flour, sugar, cinnamon, lemon, $18 worth of apples…and oh, the list goes on… enough to fill two laundry baskets full of pie making tools and ingredients. 

Of course, the boys were excited because this meeting for one involved food and secondly, no one had ever made a pie before.  (Nate has helped me make pies, but he has never made one on his own.)  In the end, we pumped out six crumb top apple pies in 1 hour and fifteen minutes and let me tell you it was completely INSANE!   I was laughing and crying at the same time!  The boys were bouncing off the walls!  Ingredients were flying everywhere!  Flour, sugar, apple peels and cinnamon were all over the school cafeteria floor by the time it was over!  And the boys LOVED it!!!

And when it was all finished, I about fell over with exhaustion.  We left the meeting and I drove myself and my four boys to the nearest restaurant, order dinner for my kids and drank a very stiff vodka tonic…Hmmm, now isn’t that what started this in the first place!?!…..

Here’s the Recipe:

And now the photos…


Personal Notes:

  • Thank you God!  No one stabbed or cut themselves and we did not need a trip to the ER for stitches.  I was praying Hail Mary’s underneath my breath the whole time they had knives in their hands….
  • Words of advice, if you are going to give your Cub Scouts the job of cutting and peeling apples, give them an apple corer.  That little kitchen tool would have saved my group of six a whole bunch of time.
  • A HUGE thank you goes out to Kim O’Brien who helped me clean up after the pie making frenzy.  I appreciate your help SO much!  Hope you enjoyed part of Cameron’s pie!
  • Nate was SO proud of his pie.  He came home (after our dinner out) and immediately wanted to bake it for dessert.  Fifty minutes later, it smelled so good and looked so delicious!  And just as Nate was pulling the cooled pie off of the counter top to serve up his tasty masterpiece to his loving family, his crumb top apple pie slid off the pie stand and landed SMACK, flat upside down on the kitchen floor.  Poor kid!  He ran out of the room completely devastated and locked himself in the bathroom to cry.  Of course, I explained the five second rule was in effect and scraped the whole thing back into the metal pie tin as best I could, smashed crust and all. A little dirt never hurt anyone.  The pie was still perfect.  Nate, I give your pie a 10.  Thanks for making pie with me!  Love, Mom